Thursday, 8 October 2015

Four Audiobook Thrillers for One Audible Credit: 32 Hours of Listening to Eclipse Quartet

It is finally out! Eclipse Quartet: 4 full-length Psychological Thrillers is an audio bundle book exploring the murky side of the human psyche; blackmail, paranoia, psychosis and addiction. And for just one Audible credit!

Eclipse Quartet by Charles J Harwood for 1 Audible Credit

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These four thrillers took decades to write. Writing had to feel risky, a little dangerous and worth the telling. Now after countless edits, am proud these thrillers can be found on Kindle, paperback and large print. But I wanted to make my stories even more accessible, not only to listeners, but to listeners who wish to make each Audible credit count.

Thrillers on Audible

As an Audible customer myself, I put myself into the mind of the typical Audible member who pays a monthly subscription and came to the answer that I would like each Audible credit to work hard. This was why I decided to put all my four thrillers into one, large audio book lasting over 32 hours.

Of course, the thrillers are also available singly, to provide choice. But just imagine, getting four, full length thrillers for the price of one credit. Sounds good.

And it does sound good. Narrated by Rachel Shirley, take a listen to the synopsis from this unmissable thriller foursome, or read overview of each thriller below.

Gripping Psychological Thrillers at Cheap Prices

So without further ado, find a short blurb on what each thriller is about, opening with:

The Shuttered Room.

Jessica Fraser is rich and successful with a lovely son. She would appear to have everything, but then she is abducted and locked in an upstairs room by 3 thugs. In a failed escape attempt, she cuts a small hole in the bedroom floor from where she spies upon her captors’ everyday lives.

Spying is a good way to pass the time.

Until she starts playing mind games with her abductors.

Followed by Falling Awake

Gemma is left destitute when her husband mysteriously disappears leaving only a disturbing drawing as a clue to his whereabouts.

Desperate to save her home, Gemma takes up an evening commission, performing for an unseen voyeur who watches from the shadows.

But what sort of client is he? Gemma begins to question her role as a performer for someone she fears and loathes. A Hitchcock style thriller that delves into disturbing realms.

The Third Thriller, Nora

Nancy accepts a seductive proposal to accompany playboy millionaire, Vince on a walkabout from one of his nightclubs for a photo shoot. Little does she realize the nightmare that is about to unfold once she enters his limo.

A dirty bet, blood on a dagger and misplaced rage.

And finally, A Hard Lesson

Timid Sarah didn’t realize she is about to take on the worst pupil imaginable. He is anything but a young schoolchild requiring a little mentoring, but a full-grown thug with behavior difficulties and severe dyslexia.

And he belongs to a tightly-knit group headed by a psychopath.

She is about to uncover a can of worms not only within her pupil’s family, but the inner workings of his criminal clique.

Each novel found within Eclipse Quartet is on average 8 hours long.

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