Friday, 2 October 2015

How Not to Gift Audible Promo Codes from ACX: Scam Authors to Be Aware of

When an author completes her audio book and uploads it onto ACX, Audible will give away 25 complimentary vouchercodes for promotion purposes and to garner reviews. I was thrilled with this, believing at first that the vouchercodes could only be redeemed on my books alone, but I was mistaken. This is what the author should avoid doing when giving away Audible voucher codes.

Complimentary Audible Voucher Codes from ACX

Redeeming Promo Codes on Audible
The author on completion of an audio book will receive around 25 vouchercodes from Audible, so that free copies of you audio book can be given away to willing listeners in exchange for a review. It is important to note that these vouchercodes can be redeemed for any book on Audible, not just yours.

How to Use Promo Codes from ACX Wisely

I gave a few of mine away, hoping to get reviews in return, then nothing happened. I soon learned there is a scam going on, where pretenders masquerading as potential reviewers are using author’s promo codes to upload other people’s audio books and even selling vouchercodes on the internet. This is a scam audio book authors should watch out for.

Rather than give vouchercodes away, it is best to ‘gift’ your book, so that the person receiving your book has no promo code to play with. This is how:

1 First, sign into your Audible account ( or .com).
2 Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find ‘redeem a promo code.’
3 Copy one of your promo codes and paste it into ‘redeem your promo code’ box.
Click ‘redeem.’
4 Once redeemed, you will notice you will have 1 credit available on your Audible account.
5 In the search bar, find your book.
6 Once on your book page, locate the link ‘give as a gift’ on the right.
7 You will be prompted to ‘wrap your gift’. I prefer to click ‘Audible’ to keep it plain. You can also leave a short note with a call to action: hope you enjoy my book and look forward to reading your review.
8 Put in the email of the person you are sending it to. Make sure it is the email attached to their Audible account. Put your name in the ‘from’ box.
9 Preview your message then send.

Note: Vouchercodes are differentiated by 2 regions: US and non-US. Be sure to use a US vouchercode for a person living in the states, and a non-US voucher code for someone, for instance who lives in the UK. If you do not, the person cannot get your book and you will have wasted a voucher code.

If you are living in one region, and the potential reviewer in the other, Audible will prompt confirmation of your address once you have redeemed one of your promo codes. This ensures the person can use your code to get your book.

These steps ensure your Audible promo vouchers can only be redeemed for your book and your book alone.


  1. Hello! I love your article, but I just found the following, which I never knew!

    1. Hi L David, thanks for comment and your trouble in providing the link, which I have saved. It is rather confusing when 'give as a gift' link is provided on the author page when you cannot use it to redeem a code. I think ACX should do something to tackle the problem of promo code abuse. Perhaps things might change in the future.
      Best wishes!

  2. Thanks so much for this - It is informative and answers a few questions I had. The first of which was 'where are my codes'? haha. So now I know how to find them and how to use them most effectively.

  3. you can also ask the store associates. I chose to try all these things because of my friend who worked their told me to get my name and address on their mailing list.
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